The Sassy Nation is a lifestyle brand for the masses that seamlessly bridges together natural beauty, style, travel, food and the pleasures of healthy, simplistic living. Talia Witherspoon is the creative force behind the brand and under her direction The Sassy Nation has grown to become much more than a blog, it is a community engaged in workshops and meet-ups on topics surrounding the creation of healthy habits, why personal branding and style matters, thinking of beauty holistically and building with other creatives and entrepreneurs.

Based on popular demand she launched Sassy Appétit, a healthy breakfast delivery service based in Atlanta, Ga. This summer she will publish an e-book that is not only for other wellness enthusiasts, but the curious, wannabe-healthy-eating-epicurean, PLUS parents who need access to easy, delicious and healthy recipes that their families will want to eat. 

Talia plans to continue to expand The Sassy Nation to include online workshops and courses, creative retreats, plus a series of themed dinner parties to teach the art of cooking and entertaining at home.