Day 1: The Start of a Wellness Evolution




Welcome to the 2K16 Sassy Wellness MIND, BODY, {Creative} SPIRIT Re-Set!  

If you've made it here to the blog, congrats on taking the first step towards either a.) committing to doing a few nice things for yourself and your health this year, or b.) re-dedicating yourself to the cause {raises hand}. Either way, SALUTE!  Starting today at 6 PM, EST I'll be broadcasting live tips and dishing on some resources to help you (and I) get back to basics and enjoy some of the simple pleasures of healthy living. I will be chatting with you all on the 'Scope {sign-up and follow @TheSassyNation} and blogging daily to share some things I've discovered about wellness that has helped me along the way.

And this is by no means meant to be a one-way conversation. I hope that you'll take to the comments here on the blog and during the live broadcasts to share your goals and journey too. It really means a lot to me to have you take part in this re-set with me. There really is strength in numbers. 


{Tweetable Tip of the Day}

Let today be the (re)start of your wellness evolution! We're takin' it one baby step at a time, baby.

Rome wasn't built in a day and neither are habits, resolutions or any type of long term goals that you want to accomplish. Therefore, be gentle and sweet to yourself-- kinda like you'd treat a baby learning or trying something new for the first time.

A healthy life is meant to bring you joy, not hold you hostage and bully you into doing a bunch of stuff that you don't actually like. Pick out the habits and practices that feel good and use them as your foundation. In time, you'll find that focusing on the parts you find pleasurable will literally create a domino effect in your life and you'll naturally start to pick-up other good wellness habits. 

And while it's great to be disciplined and make good choices, remember, you don't have to do everything perfectly all at once. Wellness is a process, and it's always evolving, just like you and me, my loves. It's my hope that during our time together I can put you up onto a few new things and that you'll do me a solid just the same.  

Talk to me! Leave a comment or tweet me what baby step(s) you've decided to focus on taking over the course of this challenge or in the next year.  

So, go on now... and remember, baby steps! 


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