Day 21: The Resurrection of Print Magazines & Journals-- Words + Images Equals Power

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When is the last time you went to a newsstand and picked up a glossy? I bet you were either in the airport or in the checkout at the grocery store, right? No offense to the big print pubs who still have the juice to reach mainstream populations, but indie publishing is where it's at.

Smaller publications just seem to have a real dedication to craft when it comes to putting together a new issue for distribution. Their pubs tend not to be bogged down with advertisements, so as a result, you're getting what you paid for, which is page after page of beautiful photo spreads and well curated content. I mean, it better be good if all they're putting out (in some cases) is 6-4 issues a year, am I right?

This concept pleases me for a few reasons: 

1. I know ample time and consideration was given to plan out and execute the editorial calendar.

2. Waiting and checking for a shiny new magazine that only comes every so often (in the mail or at the local newsstand), I find, is deeply gratifying.  

3. I like to diversify how I get to intake my brain boosts. And there are some amazing, smartly written indies on the market.  We've actually curated a whole list for those of you who subscribe to the blog, which you can do here.


Yes, I did just use amazing and smart in the same sentence as magazine. Don't even make me get started on these literary journals... 

...yes, magazines (and journals) are for smarty-pants folks just like you.


{Tweetable Tip of the Day}

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Because we agonized so much over which ones to include on the subscriber's list, we thought we'd keep it local and highlight some very cool regional/local pubs that we like and read, even when we're nowhere near the featured cities. We feel these selections embody the modern spirit of each area and offers readers a peek into local culture, as told by the people who know it the best.  

Atlanta: Art Papers & Burnaway

DC: Washingtonian

New York: Brooklyn

LA: Los Angeles Magazine

SF: 7x7

Who else do you think should be on this list? Leave a comment!


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