Day 15: Podcasts + Verbal Stimulation

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We've made it to week 3, yay! This week we will take you on a journey to re-set your MIND by feeding it with unadulterated #SmartAndSassy fodder from the gold mines of the Internets. We're about to OD on all the nerdy sh*t, y'all. We'll explore everything from podcasts (today), to books, to documentaries and all types of media in between.

Last week I asked readers to try to limit their TV in-take while we got in touch with our spirit selves during the cultivation of our meditation practice. This week, holding out on television shouldn't be an issue, given all the audio, video, e-courses and book recommendations were throwing down. Put your thinking hats on and prepare to be delighted, informed and thoroughly entertained.

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Life-Hacking with Timothy Ferriss

Today we're listening to advice from my favorite serial entrepreneur, polymath and lifehacker, Tim Ferriss. His accolades include three  NYT bestselling books, one of which is "The 4 Hour Work Week." If you've never read this little gem but you desire to be more productive at work or in your business and want more time, freedom and cash flow, then I suggest you go out and cop this work, stat. In the podcast episode below, Tim take us through his morning routine that allows him go out and be all that he can be everyday. What I especially love about his show is that he typically invites other super cool pseudo-creatives and entrepreneurs who have experienced moderate success in life. Guests generally subscribe to the notion of having a good work-life balance-- or at the least , lead very enriched, interesting lives. 


Zen through life with Tranquility du Jour

This is one of the very first podcasts that I began listening to as I transitioned out of my old life into the one that I'm having now. I remember sitting at my work desk daydreaming of how I was going to make it out of, what I felt was, boxed in living. Kimberly Wilson and her creative tribe of guests gave me the courage to envision a life where my days were filled to the brim doing things that I love. With episodes like "Life Safari," "Being a Green Goddess," and 'Wish Alchemy," I felt I was being led to go out and seek my purpose.  


"StoryCorps’ mission is to preserve and share humanity’s stories in order to build connections between people and create a more just and compassionate world."

I learned about StoryCorps in grad school. I've always been enchanted by storytelling groups like The Moth, so listening to everyday people share their very real experiences of exuberance, grief, triumph and even mayhem impacted me in a way that no Hollywood feature could duplicate. I included two links below; one is to a special video series that StoryCorps selectively animated and produced to accompany the original audio version of the stories. I hope you enjoy their narratives as much I have. 


So, that should be enough to whet your appetite for now. I encourage you to do some exploring on your own to find other forms of audio entertainment that you can listen to on the go. (We hear Serial is amazing) Maybe you're into poetry slams or audiobooks. Re-set your mind this week by indulging in works that are thought-provoking and massage your intellect. Your conscious mind will thank you.  


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