Day 16 Documentaries: The Anti-Reality Show Movement

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In a time when the world seems to be thirsting for reality TV; I believe what we're really seeking is truth. And documentaries have stepped up to fill that stretch in the great void. Some even consider this to be the Golden Age of the documentary genre. Indeed, there is much evidence to support this claim. I'm just glad to be a witness. The market is quite saturated with them: docuseries, docu-shorts. You name it, they're on the market. Truth bombs, is how I like to think of them. Some are more potent than others. But, at the heart of every good one is the desire to shed light and spread information. And because learning is what we're all about this week... "You gon' learn today!"

Below is a list of resources where you can find some great documentaries, long and short ones. Plus, my little recommendations of a few I've recently viewed or have watched with regularity (The Secret) and considered valuable. 


Mostly {Free} Resources

Recommendation: Prince: The Glory Years

Netflix {Not free, obvi.}

Recommendation: Exit Through the Gift Shop


Recommendation: The Secret


Recommendation:   The Start of Dreams {While this isn't the full video, it's the extended trailer. I recommend finding and watching this if you're an artist, entrepreneur, or anyone with a dream in your heart. You WILL be inspired. Good stuff.} 

Good 'ole Youtube

Recommendation: How The Sun Sees You


{BONUS} Recommendation: Strolling


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