Day 18: Daily MINDfulness-- 5 Must Watch Videos That Will Inspire You

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I can remember the grad school days when I felt over-worked, sleep deprived, yet oh so inspired. Not only was I surrounded by astoundingly creative individuals, but on the occasion when everyone had their heads down on their grind and I felt alone, I started to rely on the mentors in my head. Chief among them was this guy. Whenever I felt I was tumbling over every hurdle and needed encouragement to press forward, he was always there to console me with his wit and a litany of profanity. His words assured me that my voice mattered and that my struggle was not one in isolation. All I had to do was ask myself, What would Junot do? 

To get the answer, I'd dive nose first and inhale the dope{ness} of lectures and talks he'd given and get high on inspiration. In my head, we were friends doing what friends do, lifting each other up. He charmed me out of my funk with his humor and encouragement. And I reciprocated by sending him beams of gratitude and appreciation.

Over time, there were other towers of light. These people were my guardians of the night, an adopted tribe of spiritual guides, career coaches and life advisors. So far, I've only had the pleasure to meet just one. But, as for everyone else they're often just a click of the mouse away. 

Below are a few talks from a few friends {in my head} that I always come back to. Hopefully their shared experiences can massage your mental and bring you a bright word of reprieve. Be well. 


{Tweetable Tip of the Day}

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David Foster Wallace: This is Water


Jason Njoku: Failing All the Way to Success


Shawn Achor: The Life-Altering Power of a Positive Mind


Shannon Boodram: How to Get Naked And Win


Chimamanda Adichie: On Love, Race and Hair


BONUS: Quite obviously... Junot D.: On the Power of Love


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