Day 26: {CREATE} A Smarter Hustle With 3 Power Moves


There are a number of ways that you can get on top of your hustle, simply by being smarter in your approach. Time moves quickly when there is much to accomplish. Here are a 3 power moves to get in and stay ahead of the game:

1. Utilize skill learning resources. I love taking online classes. If there's something that I don't know how to do that I need done I like to have a go at it myself before outsourcing. This is beneficial because at least I'll have an idea on how to communicate what my needs are to the contractor if I've already had some first hand experience with the project.


A few posts ago we offered a nice annotated list of online resources here {you can access the full comprehensive list if you subscribe here} where you can take college courses, language learning, and other hobby types of classes for free online. However, we excluded these four because we've used the following sites to access more technical, work-related skills like coding, website building, marketing, etc.  Note: Aquent is the only one of the four that's free. The other three sites require a pretty small (for the most part) monthly fee.


Aquent Gymnasium


2. Use tools to manage your time. For me, that means writing out my to-dos for the next day and prioritizing what absolutely must get done by the day's end. There are a number of tools (many of them free) on the market that will help you with your productivity. The key is to find systems that work for you and put them in place. These things can range from helping you with scheduling, to managing collaborative projects to helping you to remember the milk.


Google Docs


17 Hats


3. Seek mentors and learn as much as you can. This is one area where I think I struggled a little bit when I first set out to doing business for myself. I didn't understand that a mentor can be someone who I admire from afar, but is just accessible enough that I get value from interacting with their brand and products. 

Sassy Wellness Tip of the Day (14).jpg

Online mentors are the best-est! They're pretty much always available because of their catalog of content online. Most are very active on social media, so you can jump on and get quick doses of advice based on questions that you and other followers ask. And, if you apply some of the principles that they teach, you're guaranteed to see a surge in your productivity. We all know productivity, unlike "busyness," can yield some pretty fantastic results.  Here are some folks who I like that and have helped me tremendously:

Marie Forleo

Sean Wes

By Regina

Tim Ferriss

Boss Babes

The Champagne Diet

Navigating The Career Jungle


Remember, hustle smarter, not harder. Leave a comment and let us know what smart tools and tips that help you with your hustle.


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