Day 30: Let's Chill: 4 Evening Rituals For A Better Night's Sleep


I can't think of many more things that have helped me over the years on this wellness journey like a solid evening routine. Having rituals in place not only helps me to reflect on and resolve my day, but it puts my mind at an advantaged state of preparedness for the next day. And not to mention the sleep, OMG, the delicious sleep that I get-- even during the tough times is phenomenal.


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Here is how I like to chill at the end of the day... 

1. Reflect & Plan Before winding down, I like to look at my to-do list from the day and review it to see if there are things that were left undone. Whatever it is, I don't beat myself up about it, I just add it to the next day's list and move on. Making notes of what needs to get done the night before helps me to wake up with a plan for how the day needs to flow. I dig that.

2.Unwind. In the evening I like to decompress and relax with either a glass of red wine at dinner or a nice herbal tea, like the one here. A once-committed white wine drinker, I never imagined I’d grow to love the complexity of a red. Though it’s still relatively new to me and I’m still developing my palette, sweet Shiraz and petit Syrah varieties have become staples in my household this winter. The health advantages of drinking red wine have been well-documented, so I can indulge without feeling guilty.

3. Reconnect. At night I typically close the day with some yoga, meditation, or a good read to reconnect and realign my mind, body and spirit. I used to toss and turn before dozing off, so I turned to my electronics to tire me out. As a result, I ended up fighting sleep by tapping on my computer or smartphone until my eyes stung and were unable to hold out any longer. Since I've been making an effort bring my days to a close more mindfully, I find I feel noticeably more settled, balanced and self-assured.

4. Rest. Now that I have new nightly habits to choose from to settle me, getting some much-needed beauty sleep is no longer an issue. I fall asleep sooner, sleep noticeably sounder, and wake up feeling rested.

To some people, my nighttime (and morning) rituals may only seem like a basic string of good habits. Yet, anytime I deviate from them I notice a real difference in my mood and energy level. In another sense, I’m consciously making an effort to do a series of small kindnesses for myself daily. These seemingly basic practices not only keep me physically healthy and mentally strong, but I also get a definite sense of accomplishment from day to day. My habits are my guilty pleasures because, though they are ordinary, they’re purposeful. 

How do you chill at night? Share your nighttime rituals.


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