Day 31: The Start of Your Dream Year

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Hey lovers, it's day 31, WE MADE IT! I'm sooo proud of you {and myself} for sticking with the re-set. Today we are really focused on contemplating the new ways we plan to integrate a few things that we {re}learned over the past month. For me, this means recommitting to my yoga and meditation practice, and reading at least one book per month. That's just to start with. I'm really excited for this year to unfold, and I hope you are too. And if you ever get overwhelmed, remember today's tweetable tip of the day...


{Tweetable Tip of the Day}

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We truly hope you'll stay in touch with us and keep us posted on your progress. We love hearing from you.

The last tidbit we're leaving you with is to write down your dreams, as well as the things you're grateful for, and make cool sh*t happen. The life that you hope and wish for is just waiting to reveal itself to you. Your task is to align your MIND, BODY and {CREATIVE} SPIRIT with your purpose. Your path is always right there for you with every step that you take (even when you think you've strayed or gotten lost). Remember to stay in your magic and you'll always be able to find your way. See you later, lovers!!!


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