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Holistic Wellness * Adventure * Sisterhood Retreat
Riviera Maya, México, Now Booking for 2019.

The question is not what can your inner Divine Feminine do...? 

...Once activated, it's more like, is there anything she cannot do? She's amazing! And the good news is, you and her are one and the same. Do you know when you're in touch with your inner self, all things are possible for you? What’s it worth to you to find out exactly how to shift your mindset and tap into your feminine power to become the woman of your dreams?

In one magical weekend under the starlit Riviera Mayan sky, we’re reclaiming our time and showing you how to step into your power. Come take your place, join the circle of sisterhood. Book a Luna Rising Sisterhood Retreat for you and your sisters today. Learn more here.

People who are able to make lasting changes in life all have one thing in common-- what is it? 

Learn how they do it, and how you, too, can implement easy life hacks that will turn you into an empowered woman who says YES to more life. If you're tired of sitting on life's sidelines and want to start living more mindfully and become a healthier + happier you, sign-up for exclusive access to weekly resource emails, daily lessons + stream daily tips that will help you bring more MIND, BODY & SPIRIT fulfillment to your days. 

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Your crash diet is just a fling. Let’s go steady.
— Said Someone Sassy
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Get LinkedIn to Get LinkedUp

Presented by The Manner Co. + The Sassy Nation, and hosted by Sydia Bell-- LinkedIn To Get LinkedUp is a creative networking event with chill vibes. Participants are offered a unique opportunity to learn a new tech skill and sip on wine + craft cocktails while connecting with other entrepreneurs. LinkedIn to Get LinkedUp is the first social workshop designed to not only unlock all that is needed to understand how to build a powerful LinkedIn network that can be leveraged on and offline, but to also help attendees expand their professional circle in real-time.


Photos by @Nita_Penn of Cooper Joel Photography & Samantha Yancy

Blossoming With Ideas

Hosted by Sawubona, Boo!, the Blossoming With Ideas spring workshop was designed to help participants explore their creative capabilities, while introducing them to local creativepreneuers. Mediterranean inspired lunch was curated and prepared by holistic wellness specialist, Talia Witherspoon from The Sassy Nation

About The Sassy Nation

We are a lifestyle brand for the masses that seamlessly bridges together natural beauty, style, travel, food and the pleasures of healthy, simplistic living. The Sassy Nation has grown to become a community infused with workshops, panel discussions and meet-ups on topics surrounding wellness and the creation of healthy habits, why personal branding and style matters and thinking of beauty holistically.