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The Tea with Talia: Holistic Lifestyle Coaching + Accountability

You can peer into everyone else's life by sitting passively, scrolling social media and watch THEM turn their dreams into reality, and it can seem out of reach for you. But it’s not! Learn how to align your mind, body and spirit with holistic practices that will lead to lifelong habits. Get ready to make a major shift in your life, mindset or business. Book an hour with Talia and get a massive upgrade in how you think, and see the world.

During your virtual tea date, ask Talia your deepest questions about aligning to your purpose and reaching your highest potential, plus get actionable steps to make your desires a reality. You absolutely do not have to figure things out alone. I've got plenty of tea to spill.

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April Promo: 

Digital Content, Social Media Marketing & Branding

Does your marketing & branding need a bit of a facelift, but you only have the budget for a full-face beat at the department store makeup counter? Well, you're in luck. Because this month's promo, (name) is pure marketing makeup witchcraft. I'll teach you my secret (surprise!) content creation productivity hacks that helped me launch a full digital marketing campaign for an overseas event in less than two months. You will learn which tools and shortcuts to use that will help you create stylish high-quality graphics from your phone, write copy for websites, social media and emails at hurricane speed, and how to leverage IG and FB features to get your content in front of your audience.  


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