31 Day Mind, Body, {Creative} Spirit Masterclass


Online Master Class to integrate wellness in each area of your life.

Make this your last year of feeling defeated because of failed resolutions. Win at wellness on your own terms this year. Join the 31-Day Mind, Body, {Creative} Spirit Wellness Reset and get ready to get your shine on, the way you were always meant to, GlowGetter!

Includes FREE 31 Days of Wellness Digital Journal Download

Everyday you will be have an opportunity to reflect, journal and complete an easy, suggested to-do task. Each concept that we cover online will correspond to a task in your journal. Your journal is designed to help you plan to apply the wellness idea in a concrete way that is specific to your needs--  immediately, in the near future or further down the line of your journey. This is wellness your way, at your natural pace, and devised set you up for long-term success. 

A Note on The power of the Written Word...

Though optional, I highly recommend you get a long form notebook, blank book, or journal. Use it to write, in detail, any shifts, ah-ha moments, dreams, synchronicities - anything that shines light on your experience-- especially during the meditative phase. Let it hold a space for you to off-set any fears or apprehensions. Highlight your emotional highs and most inspiring entries to come back to when your intentions start to manifest, you get derailed or lose focus. This book will become your lifeline and closest confidant.


Access to Private Facebook Wellness is the New Sassy Facebook Group

Nothing sets you up for success on your wellness journey like accountability cheerleaders. Get access to our private #WellnessIsTheNewSassy Facebook group where we will share our triumphs and challenges.⠀

Daily Blog Posts

Class is in session everyday when you log on to read the daily blog post. Each day we are building and exploring in-depth solutions that will result in a well spring of healthy habits and resources that will equip you to beam wellness from every pore of your being-- mind, body and spirit in the New Year.⠀

Access to Daily Wellness Chat

A daily wellness video chat accompanies each lesson to further discuss the topic of the day; plus, ideas about how to apply each lesson and expand our understanding of how to integrate multidimensional wellness into our lives. During the month of January daily live sessions will be hosted in the Facebook group and archived in the library for on-demand viewing.⠀

Weekly Progress Emails

Each week you'll receive a check-in email that will outline the plan for the week and include links to your downloadable tools. Each week we will delve deep into a different aspect of wellness, starting with setting our intention for wellness success in the New Year. 


Additional Weekly Downloadables & Resources

  • Life Map

  • Meal Planner

  • Healthy recipes

  • Meditation calendar

  • Body conditioning resources

  • Curated online learning sources

  • Mindful media: Podcasts, music, books, documentaries, digital newsletters and magazines 

  • Actionable tips to ignite your inner creative spirit

  • (W)holistic wellness solutions to support your journey to live a life you love and transform into a more energized, clear-headed, well-balanced, sparkly-feeling you. ⠀

Other FAQs

  • When does the course start? This course starts when you do: the day you signed up. It doesn't matter if it's the beginning of a calendar year, the first day of spring, or in the middle of a random month. The 31 lessons are exactly the same, and will take you on a journey, one day at a time.


  • If I feel ready, can I jump ahead and read more than the day's lesson? Yes and no. Each lesson will be catalogued in the library archive as they happen. Since the first cycle ends January 31st 2018, after that date, you can visit the archive at anytime, and download whichever resource you feel is relevant to your needs at the moment. However, you are free to revisit any lessons that precede the day's message. Keep in mind that the reminder emails will still come weekly and in order according to the theme of the week. 


  • Is it a problem that some participants will be ahead of me? Not a problem at all we are all on our own path. Think of the next 31 days as an adventure where there will always be travelers ahead of you, and travelers behind. The Wellness is the New Sassy Facebook Group is our meet up point where we can engage and share in a safe space and keep conversations going beyond the 31 days that you signed up for. 


  • What happens if I can't attend to some of the lessons? Because the course is self-paced, the lessons are designed to be adaptable and can go with you wherever you go. And, if circumstances prevent you from checking in and moving forward for any reason, you can easily pick up later where you left off. We are on a wellness journey, all of us. So, think of it as an elastic 31 Days that will stretch and bend to suit your needs.