I Need New Friends Brunch: Bay Area Edition


I met Ahiyana Angel of Life According to Her probably over a year ago at her book launch held at the Curl Box headquarters in Atlanta. Her energy, focused determination and desire to help women to cultivate meaningful connections was immediately evident. Although she was touring to promote her book, she took care to encourage the women at the book circle to engage in a meaningful, personal dialogue which (expertly) complemented themes present in her novel. This impressed me. It was smart, yet genuine. Having been to countless networking socials in the past, making real connections can sometimes be a challenge.  

Nevertheless, I've been following her journey and accomplishments ever since. So, after the first 'I Need New Friends' (INNF) brunch in NYC, I left her a comment on one of the FB photos that the bay (and ATL) was desperately in need of that same energy. Then we ran into each other over the holidays and I pressed even harder-- especially for the bay. And especially since I'd just returned here after a very, very long absence. I truly felt I needed new friends. Several weeks later the announcement popped up on my FB & IG that #INNF was coming to the bay. GLORY!!! Lol. 

I'm really thankful for the work that she and other ladies like her are doing to bring women together. I hope this is the first of many opportunities to connect with each other. If you were there, please stay in touch. You can message me here, at any of the social links below or even on LinkedIn.

ALSO, if you're interested in expanding your professional circle, I'd encourage you to join Levo League. It's free. Or at least come check out an event. Here's a link to my profile in case you want to connect there. You can read more here about my experience with this awesome women's network. 

Cheers to new friends!   

See you around...

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