Moving Abroad Pt 2: Touchdown in Playa del Carmen


I've finally touched down in Playa del Carmen and I'm so happy {and relieved} now that I'm getting settled in. I think I had so much pent up aggression and hostility towards the winter that it was driving me stir crazy waiting to take off. Now that I'm finally here I've been able to breathe a huge sigh of relief.

So far, I am really enjoying my day to day living. When people ask me what I'm doing here my response is simply that I'm living. I get online and work everyday. I go out and walk and explore the neighborhood daily, I peruse the outdoor mall, I walk on the beach, meet with my neighbor (who is my local guide and new friend), I research other nearby destinations that I want to visit on the weekends. I live. That's it.

I make time to meditate and do yoga daily. During the day, I watch Youtube about other destinations to live in. In the evening, I watch about an hour of programs on Kodi or Netflix; I do my Spanish lessons on Pimsleur; I drink my wine or vodka + arĂ¡ndano (that's cranberry) and just chill. And that's just this first week. I'm definitely planning to get out and expand my social circle starting this weekend. These first few days have mostly been about unpacking & getting settled-- finding out who has the good wifi (which I need for work), and where to get my basic food necessities to cook at home.

Check out my first impressions video below for my thoughts my experience so far. I've been posting IG stories daily-- so follow @TheSassyNation there for real time status updates. Plus subscribe to The Sassy Nation on YT for weekly vlogs.