3 Morning Habits to Change Your Energy and Create the Life You Want

A couple of plates of win to get the day started... notice the laptop... literally attached to my hip. Alas, the life of a digital nomad.

A couple of plates of win to get the day started... notice the laptop... literally attached to my hip. Alas, the life of a digital nomad.

There’s this saying that goes “ if you’re not happy with what you are about to get up and go do, then you need to get up and change your situation.” 

I'm one of those people who believe in change. And creating lasting, far reaching change is much easier to do than you think. Here's how: 

1. Positively encourage yourself before rising. Notice the things that you appreciate and that you have to look forward to during the day. For me the lure of a tea and good breakfast is often enough to get me up and moving. Most days I wake up feeling pretty good. Some days I’m more energetic and enthusiastic than others, but for the most part I roll out on the “right” side of the bed. But when there are times that I don't, and little bit of self-encouragement goes a long way. It might take more reinforcing than usual throughout the day, yes. But it helps. 

2. Create a morning ritual. By now you know I have a regular yoga and meditation practice— that helps me tremendously. It helps me with my patience, my attutude (yes, Lordt!), my clarity, it helps me to prioritize, it helps with my sense of focus and balance-- all of that. For you it might be exercise, or reading or praying in the morning. Whatever it is that's good for you, take time to do that-- even if it's just 5-10 minutes. You deserve it that much time for you, don't you? Of course you do.

3. Finally, this was the biggest thing: What changed in me that allowed me to change my situation, which now affords me a bit more freedom with how I move is #1-- my attitude about what I was getting up to do day to day. The internal conversations that I’d have (and still do) with myself about what I was about to do has been the biggest daily habit that has helped me create all of these wonderful new experiences.

Example: I’m no morning person, so when I had to get up early to commute on the train, it was sort of a pain in the arse, but I never allowed myself to focus on that. I used that time to listen to inspirational messaging, to read and to focus my mind on how I was going to have the best, most productive day. Everyday.

I told myself that this commute situation was temporary, but while it lasted it was going to be peaceful. I told myself the same thing about going into the office. I focused on the good— how quiet it was, how everyone on my team was super capable, how I appreciated the teamwork, how much I looked forward to lunch everyday in the city… blah, blah, blah.  Whatever it took. I milked the good for all that it was worth. I talked myself into a better and better situation. And now I work wherever I like. BOOM! *mind blown* 

This is the work. Baby steps towards small changes to your habits creates big time change. Like my dude @necessaryblackness says, “Change your energy, change your life.” It’s that simple. 

Leave a comment here or hit me on social. How are you creating positive change in your life? What habits do you have in the morning or throughout the day that are helping you?