Creating Healthy, Energetic Boundaries: A 3-Part Video Series

"If she can heal, she can destroy."
The choice is yours, loved one. 

Part 1: Setting Boundaries: The Framework

Pt. 2 - Transmuting Toxic Relationships Using Emotional/Energetic Alchemy

Pt. 3 - Energetic Boundaries & Standing Your Ground 

In this 3-part series, we examine self and discuss how to set boundaries from a place of compassion and love. When we allow low vibrational feelings to guide our decisions we create energetic blockages in our path towards manifesting our desires. That’s why it’s soooo important to allow our inner, higher power to guide us as we lay the framework for healthier boundaries (Part 1). 

The power to heal or destroy starts with you. 
In part 2, the discussion continues and we’re talking all about how to transmute toxic relationships. Plus, I'm sharing a traumatic personal story that I had to work through, which prompted this series.

Finally, in part 3 we'll discuss how boundaries are healthy, necessary and can be transformative, provided they are set with the right intentions. When rooted in compassion and love, standing your ground surrounding energetic boundaries is like the bomb that’s stopped ticking with no threat to detonate. That’s the kind of peace I want, don’t you?

The life we came to this earth to live is one that’s rooted in love from the source of all abundance... with honor to our ancestors, we’re celebrating our divine lineage and vibing up-- right out of the dysfunction of toxic relationships. ✊🏾

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What if you were able to transform the quality of your relationships, finances and lifestyle from a place of personal power? You have that ability in you. Let's talk about how to bring it out.