Dabur Vatika Oil: Love it or Leave it?

Sassy Hair

When I first started using this product my hair was on a crack-high. It Looooved this stuff. I thought I’d found the holy grail of hair oils. But, as with all drugs, there seems to be no thrill as great as the 1st time. Over time my hair seemed to look and feel thirsty and dry, needing it more & more. Perhaps the lemon was the culprit *shrugs*. I’ve heard other naturals complain the coconut oil, in general made their hair feel dry & brittle. *Clutches pearls* say it ain’t so!!! It just smells to good to be true!

Nevertheless, since then I have switched over to a homemade mix consisting of plain extra virgin coconut oil, EVOO & jojoba (But mostly EVOO). I continue to try other oils, but my hair seems to love the olive oil. The Vatika, however does wonders for my skin and has replaced my expensive Dermalogica face cream. 

Does anyone else have experience using Vatika oil? Do tell…

Image via BGLH

In the meantime check out this review via BGLH.

~Sassy Tea

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