Fairy Knots: So kNot Cute

Image via natural-free-fierce-dee

Sassy Hair

Sassy Nation curator, Sassy Tea details her run-ins with the Fairy Knot-Nazi.

Not so long ago I wondered what all the fuss was when I’d read about the woes of so many naturals who’d complain over the elusive “Fairy Knots.” I had no real clue what they were until recently. I guess my blas√© attitude is what made me susceptible because it seems like the Fairy Knot-Nazi has found out my address and has launched a full blown attack against my strands. Where I used to have none, in the past couple of weeks I have found myself dealing with these knots almost every time I take my hair loose. What’s a natural girl to do? Well, check out this post via bglh online to find out how to fight back and protect your hair against a sneak attack from the Fairy Knot-Nazi. ¬†

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