Sassy Hair: 5 Best Practices for Natural Hair

Sassy Hair

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The dry, squeaky feeling hair can have after washing is a common concern among naturals. But the solution is simple — pre-pooing with a penetrating oil (like coconut oil). Plus, it can help with pre-wash detangling. Try a quick 20 minute pre-poo before your next detangle and wash. Not only will your hair feel softer after washing, you’ll also see a reduction in breakage and shedding that occurs during detangling and washing.

Sealing Ends

Ends are the most fragile part of the hair — and the most critical for retaining length, but they often go overlooked. While applying product to your hair make sure you take an extra few seconds to seal your ends with a heavy oil or slightly acidic cuticle-closing product (like aloe vera gel). On most textures, sealed ends will clump together and curl. Check out our six steps to longer lasting sealed ends.

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