It's 100+ Degrees ATLANTA! Cool Down At The City's Best Hotel Pools

Here’s my latest from Parlour Magazine…

Nothing says summertime like skipping out of the office at 3 p.m. to lounge by the water. Since Atlanta is land locked – and if you refuse to consider the murky Chattahoochee River or the man-made travesty that is Lake Lanier – your best bet to catch a cool breeze is poolside at one of the city’s luxury hotels. Don’t worry, you won’t be breaking any trespassing laws by sneaking in either however, ordering snacks and drinks will help you blend in with the other guests.

Of course, you’ll need a stash of sunblock, something immensely trashy to read, a handheld fan and at least one pristine white towel from home (which the staff will just assume you brought from your room, wink-wink). Grab your tote, a sarong, your fave sunnies and get ready to tan those cheeks at a few of our favorite ATL spots:

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