Sassy Hair: Summertime Faves to Fight Humidity

By now I hope you had the opportunity to watch the latest in Sassy Hair news, featuring my top picks for combating humidity in the summer. If not, here’s the video:

So, which products are you using to help win the war on frizz? Here are my picks:

One N Only Argan Oil

I must admit that I have been slow to pick up on the whole argan oil trend. But I must say, this product did not disappoint (I mean, if you don’t mind the added ingredients– ‘cones anyone’? I know what you’re thinking, cones are bad– blah, blah, blah. However if you recall my post from a while back about good cones vs. bad ones, you’d remember that I intended to give them fair try. So here you have it. This oil has a silky feel, it glides on easily and distributes evenly. No qualms here with any of that.

Let’s Jam Custard

SoftSheen Carson really knew what they were doing when they made up this stuff. It really brings out curl definition, softens & shines without the crunchiness that is characteristic of most gels out there. It’s creamy like a pudding, that reactivates when you re-wet it. It can be used solo but it also plays nicely with other products. Caution: when I used it alone, my hair had a “stripped” feeling when I rinsed it out, but using a oil as the base beforehand took care of that.

Goddess Curls by Curls

I’ve been using this one on top of the Jam for good measure. I find that it tightens the hold a bit and give my hair an added shine.

Honorable Mention goes to… Eco Styler Gel

Since adopting the above 3 products in my routine, I haven’t had much use for this stuff. Despite that, Eco Styler is still worth mentioning when it comes to the wash-n-go because the fact is– it does work. If in a pinch, I’d count on it.

So, that’s about it. So far team wash-n-go has been winning this summer. Share your summer hair tips and product recommendations over on our FB.



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