Water Soluble Silicones: A Guide for Curly Cuties

*check out her serious silicone side-eye* …giggles

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Like most naturals who practice the CG method, I try to only use products that are natural and good for me (most of the time). The more I peruse sites of some of my favorite curly-haired bloggers, the more I realize that there are many whom flaunt and even tout the praises of products with ‘cones. *scratches record* But wait, I thought that was a no-no?

I like shine. I like bouncy-bounce curls. So to find out the deal, of course, I did a little digging. It turns out that there are, in fact, are a number of curl-friendly, water-soluble 'cones that can easily be removed from the hair strands without the use of harsh surfactants and sulphate shampoos. Say whaaat? Yes, chile.

Curious, aren’t you? Mmm-hmm, me too. Here is a snippet from NaturallyCurly.com on the great 'Cone Compromise.

However, despite their numerous benefits, curlies are frequently admonished to minimize use of silicones or to avoid them entirely…

Happily, polymer chemists have spent time developing and optimizing water soluble silicone-based polymers for various reasons. These materials impart many of the desirable properties of ordinary silicone polymers, but they are more easily removed from the hair via rinsing, conditioner washing, or cleaning with mild shampoos, and do not require the use of harsh sulfate-based surfactants. They can also enhance moisturizing properties or add humectant qualities. These silicones provide more options to curly ladies and gentlemen.

Read the full spiel

If you still don’t believe do your own research then try for yourself. It’s all very scientific. In the meantime, I’ll be doing some product reviewing of my own, so stay close for an upcoming report.


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