An Easy Energy Cleansing Ritual: What it is and why you need it?

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Want to know how to energetically cleanse your body to let go of things that no longer serve you? There's so many different methods you can use but, if you’re looking for something simple and easy, here is one ritual you can do that is especially powerful around the new moon, or any other time you feel you have energy you’d like to release. The upcoming spring solstice, for example, is the perfect time for rinsing away the stagnant and ushering in the new.

Typically, the new moon is a time to plant seeds that will cultivate during the rest of the moon cycle. However, a seed can only grow in fertile ground. So, sometimes it’s necessary to clear and prep the field first. Doing a ritual is one way we bring reverence for all that is sacred into our modern world. Women of the world are coming back to knowing and tapping into our Divine Feminine power. So, now is the perfect time for us to get in sync with the rhythm of the earth to align with our inner individual and collective strength.

REPLAY! New Moon Tea Ritual + Chat with the Sisters in Spirit

Time to get in formation, ladies! Let's use this new moon in Aries to set the stage for our blossoming this season.

What you need

1 liter of water

Loose leaf tea (Yerba Mate or Green)

White flowers (petals)

One white candle

Pot for boiling

What you’ll do

Step 1: Boil tea and water for 30 minutes to concentrate the energy of the plant

Step 2: Let cool

Step 3: Speak your intentions into flower petals-- ask for what you want, need or want to change or release

Step 4: Repeat your intentions while sprinkling the petals while into the cooled tea water

Step 5: Go into your bathroom and light your candle

Step 6: Take a shower or bath like normal

Step 7: After cleansing, pour the cooled flower and tea mix on your body from the neck down

Step 8: As you pour, ask for guidance to let go of the things that you don’t need anymore, give thanks for what you are releasing and let go with forgiveness, kindness and love.

That's it! You're ready to set some new intentions and sow seeds of greatness for the upcoming month ahead.


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