Day 2: Body your 2018 #BodyGoals Without Going to the Gym


My Heart Beasts for Fitness Challenges

Even when I used to go hard in the gym, I never was the type to record meticulous notes about each and every set, or what I did on which days. Even back then I always kind of did what I felt was good for me. So after I got burnt out on doing the machines at the gym everyday I figured I had to do something. And since something is better than nothing, I took to watching fitness videos online. It was perfect. I got one on one instruction in the privacy of my own home. All I had to do was flip open my laptop. Everything was going great until the summer I became an instant mom {more on that another day}.

Needless to say, as most parents know, the moment a child enters your life pretty much everything revolves around them and their needs. That didn't stop me from at least trying to stay connected to other things I cared about, like my fledgling at home business. Or clutching to other little luxuries like showering and brunch. You know, the things that matter. I was determined to be the new mom who kept her shit together. All of this was fine and good, until babygirl started teething. Suddenly, 30 extra minutes of sleep was far more appealing than sneaking in an early morning run or risking turning on the laptop and waking the baby. I was slacking and I knew it. I'd break a sweat just getting the baby in and out the car. God forbid I had to lug that damn car seat anywhere. Although, I felt I was exerting myself as hard as ever, my lack of a daily fitness routine straight tanked my energy. I felt my superpowers fading fast. I needed cardio, I needed more muscle. I needed all the caffeine, all day long, for Pete's Coffee's sake. Something had to be done.

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One afternoon when baby was napping and I had an unusual amount of energy on reserve. I must've been bored, because I thought to myself 'Now would be the perfect time to get in a quick workout. But what can I do that'll be quietly effective?' I wondered. So I did what I normally do when looking for bright ideas accompanied by pretty pictures. I jumped on Pinterest and did a quick search for bodyweight workouts and cha-ching! I hit a jack pot of pre-outlined, no equipment or instructor required, instant workouts. I pinned and saved dozens to my Sassy Curves board


The first challenge I selected were squats, because I am vain. Plus, it seemed logical considering all of the heavy lifting I had begun doing just about every day. I thought it would probably be the most functional, dual-purposed use of at least 1 hour of downtime, that also would likely give me a few extra minutes to shower {uninterrupted on most days}. You couldn't tell me I wasn't about be the new MILF on the block.

God bless the gym nerds who not only take copious notes and put together cohesive set combinations {while probably sweating profusely}, but who are also considerate enough to type them out for folks like me who just kinda wing it most of the time. You people are the real MVPs. 


All of a sudden I had something that fit perfectly into my daily routine that I:

a.) Looked forward to

b.) Could be done in a 20 minute pinch, and

c.) Helped build my strength and endurance

...which you apparently need to tote around a kid all day. O' happy day that was. It was an even happier day the afternoon about 2 weeks into my second squat challenge when I noticed those quads were starting to look real righteous. Above are some of my faves that I've done in the past: squats, push-ups, Abs and soon, burpees. That little chunk of time I found and dedicated to myself really made a difference in my endurance. And the best part about it, it didn't take much. The more I did, the stronger I felt and the easier it was to stay motivated enough to add-on other moves and extend my sessions. With the ease of pre-outlined challenges I get clearly defined sets, a slow build up, and the motivation to reach the next milestone. Oh, and crazy, sexy muscles.-- hell-o! 

Like I've said in the past, no fitness thing is one size fits all. The challenge thing has worked for me in the past and until I can get to my Muy Thai classes, I have a couple lined up for this year. However, we all must find our own groove. Youtube, Instagram have loads of freebie classes and tutorials. So, there's no shortage of access. And if you don't mind the gym, you like group classes and you're fortunate enough to live in a city that has Class Pass (which I'll talk about in today's Facebook LIVE broadcast at 3 PM, EST-- so follow @TheSassyNation there for some Facetime), it's another great option to explore different ways to move your body. After all, that's what this whole process is about: Exploring what feels right and works for your lifestyle. Maybe Capoeira or bellydancing will be your thing. Or Barre, or kickboxing. Maybe you're outdoorsy and into soccer or biking. Whatever it is get up, get out and go explore. Find out that which makes you feel alive, vibrant and well.    

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Body Your 2018 #BodyGoals Without Going to the Gym

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