The Drugstore Princess: Let's Talk About - False Eyelashes!

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Since ladies love lashes, let’s talk about them…

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False Eyelashes are that part of the makeup routine that most people tend to skip over, because most seem to think that they can’t pull them off… or just couldn’t put them on!  They’re almost always a part of YouTube tutorials, and most gurus tend to skip over the application.  

I’ve been getting tons of messages and requests for help when it comes to falsies lately, what with Spring and the Prom and Wedding seasons coming up!  So I wanted to let you guys know that Falsies CAN be done quickly, easily, and correctly, whether you’re a “beauty guru” or a regular lover of lush lashes :)


So what are false eyelashes?  Falsies, or fake eyelashes, come in many different shapes and styles.  They are applied to the lashline of the eye to create the illusion of longer, fuller, darker eyelashes.  They are meant to blend in with your natural eyelashes.  You can get simple, natural-looking ones for day time, dramatic full lashes, or flirty “oddly” shaped ones!  You can even find lashes that are feathers, bright colors, or patterns.  

False eyelashes can be made out of synthetic (plastic) material, or natural hair.  Less expensive lashes tend to be synthetic… they’re easy to tell apart because they actually look a little shiny and are stiffer.  Natural hair lashes look just like real eyelashes - they’re usually made from treated, sanitary hair and blend flawlessly into your real lashes.

There are two main types of lashes - strip and individual.  The two have very different applications, but are both very doable.  

Strip False Lashes:

These are the more popular type of falsies, because they’re quicker to apply.  They are a full eye’s worth of lashes pre-attatched to one another, making them easy to just glue on and go.  

Individual False Lashes:

Individual lashes are ideal for occasions where you want extra drama but definitely don’t want the look of bulky lashes!  Each individual lash is a small clump of several lashes stuck together, meant to be applied one by one to the lash line.  It’s easy to blend individual lashes together with your real lashes, so they look much more natural… if a bit more time consuming!


Here’s the kicker… how do you APPLY false eyelashes?

Applying falsies isn’t something that you’re going to be able to do perfectly the first time.  It’s much better to practice a few times before being able to go out in public.  HERE IS MY WAY of applying falsies… for me it is the easiest way to apply glue, etc.  Some people have different methods, but I believe that this will work for most people!

You Will Need:  scissors, eyelash glue, black mascara, and tweezers.

1.  For strip eyelashes, I have to stress the importance of trimming the lashes before you apply them!  Not everyone’s eyes are the same shape, and strip lashes are often too long for most eyes.  Hold the lashes to your eyes, and snip off the part of the falsies that extends beyond your natural lash line (we’re talking the strip, not the lashes themselves!)  Falsies that are obviously too long for your eyes is a good way to advertise that you are wearing false eyelashes.

2.  Lots of falsies come with eyelash glue.  Make sure they do or not before you bring them home.  You can buy inexpensive lash glue individually as well.   I usually squeeze out a small dallop of glue onto a piece of scrap paper for easier use.  I then use a Q-Tip to apply a thin layer of glue to the base of the lashes.  If you are using individual lashes, it’s easier to pick up each lash with tweezers and dip just the end into the glue.  You can do the same for strip lashes as long as you don’t dunk the whole thing in and cover it with glue.

3.Allow the glue to set on the lashes for about 15 seconds before you apply them to your eyes.  This will allow the glue to become tackier and will help the lashes set faster.  Since I have rather large, round eyes, I make sure to bend the lash strip a bit so that they will adhere to my eye shape better.

4.  With your fingers, apply the center of the false lash to the center of your lashline, getting as close as humanly possible.  Use the tweezers if you have clumsy hands.  Then use the tweezers to gently stick the edges down as well.  Try not to blink a ton, because the glue takes a moment to set!

5.  Once the lashes are applied, hide any glue with liquid eyeliner, and use mascara to blend your natural lashes with your fake ones.  You don’t need a lot of either!  But it is definitely the finishing touch.

(Individual lashes aren’t as tricky to apply, even though the process takes a little longer. You don’t have to worry about the lashes not fitting your eyes.  Most people just apply individual lashes to their outer lashline, to make their eyes appear bigger without looking like it’s too much.  Individual lashes could also be used on the lower lashline, but this can easily look like too much - but Snooki does it.)



+  How do I remove falsies without yanking on my eyelid?

        -  Using a good makeup remover is key.  You don’t always have to, but the tugging on the eyelid can be unpleasant for some people when they go to take their lashes off.  I always use olive oil, because it works the best and is very gentle.  Apply a bit to a cotton ball, and apply the oil to your eyelids.  Allow it to sit for a few seconds, and then remove your lashes.  The oil will loosen the glue and the mascara, so that the falsies don’t stick to your real lashes either.

+  Is there a way to make my falsies look a bit more natural?

        -  Yepp… snip them in half!  Applying falsies just to the outer corners of your eyes makes you look instantly more wide awake, flirty, and will give your lashes a boost.  It will be much more natural, and not bulky at all.

+  Should I wear falsies at prom?

        -  To be honest, I really don’t recommend it, unless you’re a false eyelash pro (or the person doing your makeup is!)   Because the night will be so long, and you’ll probably get sweaty from dancing, I find that falsies tend to fall off or get in disarray, completely ruining your look.  It’s a lot safer to just use a good waterproof mascara!  If you really want, I’d go for individual lashes.

+  Can you re-use false eyelashes?

        -  Yes, actually… as long as you clean and sanitize them!  You can get a lot of life out of your falsies, especially synthetic ones, if you know how to properly care for them.  Whenever you remove your lashes, clean the makeup off them (I use olive oil), and sanitize them with a quick swipe of a cotton ball soaked in rubbing alcohol!  It’s very important to clean them, because otherwise they are a breeding ground for bacteria that could infect your eyes.  As long as you make sure they’re in good shape you can use them until they fall apart! 

+  The inner/outer corners on my false lashes never stays glued down.  What do I do?

        -  After you apply the glue and are waiting for it to get tacky, bend the lashes into a “U” shape to keep them from becoming flat.  This way they’ll fit and sit on your eyes better.  Also make sure you’re trimming your lashes so they’re not too long!


My Favorites:

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ELF Dramatic & Natural Lash Kits

ELF Individual Lash Kit

Ardell Brush On Lash Adhesive

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These products are what I would recommend to everyone… beginners, pros, and people who only want to use them for special occasions.  They are all about $6 or less!