Tips to Achieve 2nd Day Hair via BGLH

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Re-braiding/twisting with a water based leave-in and sealing my ends with oil is essential for me every night.


We’ve all been there… you do a cute twistout, braidout or updo and those first few hours are magic… but as the darkness falls, you know you’ll have to lay on your pillow and risk the dreaded “bed head”. Here are some tips to help your curls survive the night.

1. Make sure your hair is set well to start

Making a sloppy style last more than a day is near impossible. Whether you’re rocking a straw set, twist out or updo, make sure the style is set well with good styling products. You shouldn’t have excessive frizz or loose hairs. A good styling butter or non-alcoholic gel will go a long way towards helping your style last through the night.

2. Moisturize before bed

Dry hair leads to stiffness and frizz. Moisturized hair is more likely to stay in place and set nicely. If applying a water-based plus oil/cream moisturizer will destroy the style, try a light spritz instead. Just make sure it contains both oil and water (for moisture and seal). Oyin’s juices are great for this.

3. Satin Scarf

The scarf is your main line of defense against your pillow. It will help keep loose hairs in place, while retaining moisture in your strands.

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What tips do you have to achieve 2nd day hair? Please share!

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