Warning: Natural Hair May Cause...

Sassy Hair

WARNING: Rockin’ the girl curls may cause an extreme boost in self-confidence plus other fortunate side effects. Check out these and other signs that you are becoming sassy(er) than ever. Keep it NAPtural!

via Curly Nikki

• Hair may become extremely healthy
If you are seeking a healthy mane, be aware, your hair will be in its healthiest state sans relaxer. Disclaimer – you must put in the work to achieve and maintain the health but your chances of healthy hair are greatly increased once you are relaxer free.

• Your style game may improve
Hair and fashion have a parallel relationship and as such, feed off of eachother. When your tresses are hot, you have no choice but to reevaluate the rest of your look and make sure you are equally hot from the neck down. You will undoubtedly become a fashion risk taker, whether it be with bigger than life ear candy or that bold statement necklace.

• You may spend more time in the mirror
Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the flyest of them all? Coifing your mane will become second nature as you start to embrace the new you. Some may refer to it as vanity, but naturalistas know it is more about the confidence that comes with knowing yourself. Not only will spectators be in awe of your hair but so will you.

• You may experience the domino effect
The domino effect is a chain reaction that occurs when one change causes another change, which causes yet another change. Many naturals notice that after establishing a hair care regimen, a change in other arenas of their life will occur. For example, being more conscious of what you put in your hair, leads to educating yourself on ingredients you place on your skin. The knowledge you gain about skincare may lead to paying closer attention to dietary needs since diet affects skin. Changes in your eating habits will ultimately spill over into physical exercise.

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