Winter Hair Care Tips From Lysandra of Darcy’s Botanicals

Sassy Hair

Bundle up and take care of that hair! 5 excellent tips for protecting your hair this winter  (via UBB).

1. DEEP CONDITION weekly to restore much needed

moisture to your hair. Colder months require double

the moisture to help protect your curls.

2. MOISTURIZE your hair daily using our Style & Seal

Method. Our Style & Seal Method is a great way to

ensure your curls stay protected and moisturized.

Simply select a water-based moisturizing cream for

styling and then seal with a light oil or butter to help protect your hair
& ends from the elements.


moisture to your curls. Colder temperatures can and

will zap moisture from your hair the longer you are

exposed to the elements. Don’t be afraid to reapply

moisture to your hair throughout the day as needed.

4. PROTECT your precious curls from the air by

wearing more protective styles and accessories.

Ponytails, braids, twists, braided extensions, etc.

are all wonderful ways that many naturals style hair

to protect it from damage. Any style that will

protect your ends from dryness will work. Hats and

scarves are not only great for upping your style

factor, but are also great for covering your hair

from the wind.

5. HOT OIL TREATMENTS are also excellent ways to further protect, seal in
moisture and soften curls during the winter season.

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