24 Tips to Stay Cool, Cute and Hydrated on Your Next Vacay

Now that I've traded in the beaches of the Riviera Maya for the city streets of Mexico City, I am breathing a sigh of a welcomed relief from the daily heat. 

While there's no disputing the fact that I looooove living in a beach town, I will not lie to you about the heat index. The sun is not a game to be trifled with. You can read all about my tips for tanning safely and gradually here

Staying on the cooler side of things is easier when you're on the beach or at the pool everyday. But when you live in a tropical climate, everyday life doesn't usually take you to the beach all day everyday. You still have other places to go and errands to run. So here are a few tips and tricks I've collected via experience and the interwebs on how to stay cool and hydrated in your travels or just out and about this spring and summer:

Start the day with a cool shower

Freeze your undergarments before dressing

Add a touch of peppermint to your spine

Munch on some ice, you won't have to run to the bathroom as often

(Good) Drink lots of water, duh! Freeze it too, so when you leave you can have it icy on-the-go

(Better) Drink lots of cold coconut water-- natural electrolytes

Avoid alcohol until later cooler, evening hours

Wear a sun hat

Braid your hair & add some cute beads

Tie a damp scarf on your head

Carry a battery-operated mini fan

Eat lots of melon fruit + veggies

Wear lightweight and light-colored clothing

Wear your hair up

Carry paper towels for blotting (or sopping up) sweat

Ice or run cool water over your wrists

Carry an umbrella for shade

Skip the moisturizer/foundation-- your skin will thank you and it will only run off anyway

Carry a facial mist to refresh and cool your face. Also, a mattifying spray sunblock to block the UV rays

Shower mid-day if you can, or just wet your hair 

Some people swear by unscented men's deodorant, but idk... I'm on team natural deodorant so...

Speaking of natural deodorant, you MUST carry unscented wipes and reapply your deodorant during the day. Wipes are just an all-around good idea to have on hand, regardless.


Summer is hot...

Stay cool.

Do you have any tried an true tips to beat the heat? Share them in the comments below or on IG!

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