Sassy Appétit RECAP!!! The Atlanta Food & Wine Festival: Tea Gets Highfalutin Down in the ATL


Last weekend, chefs, restaurateurs and foodies from across the south took over my city for the second annual Atlanta Food & Wine Festival (AFWF). Unlike a regular food festival, at AFWF indulgence took on an entirely new meaning…

I was everywhere paying close attention and taking careful notes between sips and mouthfuls so that the Parlouristas would know how to mingle with the best delectables around. Since the drinks flowed so freely all weekend, I decided to make at least one of them a meal so here is my unconventional, five-course rundown:

  • Opening Cheers: In the class ‘Hello Wine, Meet Liquor,’ I learned that a well-crafted apéritif opens the palette and stimulates the appetite.
    New Orleans-based mixologist, Nick Detrich, suggests the Inverted Martini, which at his bar Cure consists of two parts dry vermouth, one part gin, and a dash of orange bitters, with a lemon peel garnish. *Insiders tip: Vermouth is actually a fortified wine and none worth its price should ever be served from a speed pour spout. Unless you like spoiled wine, vacuum sealed and refrigerated is the way to go.
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