Wanderlust Wednesday: Going Coco Loco for Playa Paraiso in Tulum + {RECIPE}

Tulum is one of those magical places that once you go, it just beckons you back again and again. It's sexy, alluring and has some of the most powdery sand I've ever witnessed in all of my beach-hopping life. On a busy day, it's humming with activity from volleyball to drummers and dancing. One thing that you can always count on is a cool, cool beverage from the coconut stand on Playa Paraiso. It's refreshing, but simple and easy to re-create. AND, you'll only need 4 ingredients...

*If you don't have the milk from a mature coconut on hand, use the water from a young coconut and add sweetened coconut milk instead. No agave needed. Unless you want it, of course.

*If you don't have the milk from a mature coconut on hand, use the water from a young coconut and add sweetened coconut milk instead. No agave needed. Unless you want it, of course.

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Easy Southern Baked Apple Turnovers


Baked fruit is kinda my thing, y'all. I especially love baked apple (or peach or berry) anything, pretty much. If there is cobbler or flaky dough involved, I'm all in. In fact, this recipe could easily be adapted and would be exceptionally good with some delicious, summertime freestone peaches (mmm... yeah, definitely next time). Nevertheless, I've had apples on my mind for the past several weeks and finally got around to making this this happen. I hope you love it.

Here's what you'll need...

2 apples

1 teaspoon cinnamon

2 tablespoons flour

1 cup sugar

2 packages of crescent rolls (8 in each pack)

1 1/2 sticks of butter

9 ounces of 7up, Sprite or other lemon lime soda


Here's what you'll do:

  1. Pre heat the oven to 350 degrees

  2. Peel and core 2 apples, cut into 8 slices

  3. Add butter to a saucepan over med-low heat

  4. Add cinnamon, sugar and flour to butter until well incorporated. Sauce will be thick.

5. Roll each apple slice with crescent dough 

6. Spoon 1 tablespoon of sauce onto each roll (top off with excess)

7. Pour 7up or other lemon lime soda between the rolls (not onto)

8. Bake for 35-40 minutes


Serve hot with whipped or ice cream and enjoy! Serves 8-16.

Shout us out in the comments or on social if you try this; or hit us up with your favorite baked fruit recipes.


Lemony Turmeric Iced Yerba Mate


It’s National Iced Tea Day and this ain't your granny’s sweet tea! Chill out this summer with tall glass of Lemony Turmeric Iced Yerba Maté.

Turmeric, the bright yellow spice, has long been used as a powerful Eastern medicinal herb. It’s known to have excellent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. 

Amongst many other things, it can help with:

Weight management


Cholesterol reduction

Immunity support

As if that weren’t enough, drinking Yerba Maté will not only help keep you alert with its high biocaffeine (that means natural) content, but it’s give green tea a run for the money when comes to nutritional properties. It’s what I drink daily. 

Benefits include:

Enhanced ability to focus

Supports cardiovascular health

Weight control

Enhanced physical endurance

Boosts immunity

Detoxifies blood

High anti-aging antioxidants 

Give this sweet alternative a try!



What you’ll need:

12 ozs. Hot water

2 Tbsp. Loose Yerba Mate

½ Tsp. Turmeric

¼ Slice of Lemon

Honey to Desired Sweetness

What you’ll do:

1. Boil water

2. Add  yerba mate to a french press (or other tea strainer)

3. Stir in Turmeric and honey. Let tea seep as long as desired

4. Press/Strain tea and pour over ice.

5. Squeeze and add lemon

Enjoy! Makes 2 servings


Mediterranean Dip

I finally got around to posting this highly, highly requested recipe for you guys and dolls. I’m so happy that the Mediterranean Dip has been received so well and that you all love it so much. If you make some for your next get together, please tag @TheSassyNation in your post on FB ,IG or Twitter! Thanks for the love, y’all. 

What You’ll Need:

Any flavor of 8 ozs. hummus that you like

8 ozs. Softened Cream Cheese

6 ozs. Greek yogurt

1-2 tablespoons Greek Seasoning

3 cloves of garlic, minced

2 chopped Roma tomatoes

½ cup black kalamata olives

½ cucumber, diced

1/3 cup Italian flat leafed parsley, chopped

What You’ll do:

1. Mix the softened cream cheese, Greek yogurt, seasoning and garlic until creamy and spread onto serving plate.

2. Add layer of hummus

3. Top with layer of chopped veggies, serve cold with plain pita chips*.

*I like the plain version because the flavors of the dip are very strong and will compete with other chips. I’ve also tried it with a Parmesan chip, that works as well.