Yes, I have Started Juicing!

Sassy Appetit Juicing: What you know about that?

In case you’ve been thinking about juicing, check out this link from sassy lady, Nikisha of Urban Bush Babes. Read her story on why she began juicing and perhaps borrow a couple of her tasty-sounding recipes. In the meantime, here are a few of the benefits in case you were wondering what juicing can do for you.

Known benefits of juicing via Macrobiotic Guide UK

1. There is hardly any digestive work needed to process raw, enzymatically active liquid. Vegetable juice gets into the system quickly.

2. Squeezed vegetable juice is very nutrient-dense. This concentration acts to supercharge the system in the same way that herbal tinctures work. One of the $10 words we are going to hear more about over the next few years is “phytonutrients,” or plant chemicals. They are proving-as those who have switched to whole foods always have known-to be the key behind keeping our bodies free of cancer, digestive problems, and other degenerative illnesses.

3. The most important, and most overlooked, reason: juicing cleans the liver. I believe that the next big advance in understanding health will be in acknowledging the importance of self-detoxifying and de-sludging our liver. Sure, if you look into any human biology book, it already tells us that there are now over 700 known functions of the liver. But what we don’t realize is how that functionality is dependent on how unclogged it is.

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