10 Ways to Eat Nutritiously on a College Budget

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College students need love (and good food) too! Check out our Curator’s latest via Frugivore Magazine. We’re spreading sass everywhere!

It’s back to school time and anyone who has been to college knows eating healthy, balanced meals and staying within a budget can be a challenge.

Fear not, hungry college students, we’ve got you covered with ten tips to help you stretch your dollars and still eat well.

1.       Go shopping weekly

Don’t go crazy in the store just because you’ve got a couple of dollars in your pocket. Avoid wasteful spending by only buying what you can realistically eat within a week. Food spoilage is inevitable, but can be minimized when you know exactly what you need. Also, never go shopping on an empty stomach, unless you want to end up with a bunch of random food items in your cart that you may not even want or use later.

2.       Plan and budget your meals for the week in advance

Plan shopping trips based on what you feel like you may have a taste for and only buy food to create those meals for the week. 

3.       Always shop with a list

Keep a running list of staple items needed, but more important, keep your planned meals in mind when making your list for the week. If writing things down before every trip to the store is too labor intensive, pick up a checklist like this one. Is keeping track of the whereabouts of your list too much to handle? Most smart phones have built in software that allows you to make notes right on your phone, use it.

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