10 Ways to Eat Nutritiously on a College Budget

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College students need love (and good food) too! Check out our Curator’s latest via Frugivore Magazine. We’re spreading sass everywhere!

It’s back to school time and anyone who has been to college knows eating healthy, balanced meals and staying within a budget can be a challenge.

Fear not, hungry college students, we’ve got you covered with ten tips to help you stretch your dollars and still eat well.

1.       Go shopping weekly

Don’t go crazy in the store just because you’ve got a couple of dollars in your pocket. Avoid wasteful spending by only buying what you can realistically eat within a week. Food spoilage is inevitable, but can be minimized when you know exactly what you need. Also, never go shopping on an empty stomach, unless you want to end up with a bunch of random food items in your cart that you may not even want or use later.

2.       Plan and budget your meals for the week in advance

Plan shopping trips based on what you feel like you may have a taste for and only buy food to create those meals for the week. 

3.       Always shop with a list

Keep a running list of staple items needed, but more important, keep your planned meals in mind when making your list for the week. If writing things down before every trip to the store is too labor intensive, pick up a checklist like this one. Is keeping track of the whereabouts of your list too much to handle? Most smart phones have built in software that allows you to make notes right on your phone, use it.

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Recap: World Natural Hair Show ATL

                                          Youtubers- MyNaturalSistas

The ‘fros and curls were in full-effect as hundreds of natural-haired women converged upon Atlanta for the 15th annual Taliah Waajid’s World Natural Hair and Beauty show.

Although I’m not newly natural, attending hair meet-ups is a relatively recent phenomenon in my world. I’d heard stories of massive crowds and treasure troves of free samples at hair events like these, so I was pumped. I didn’t even let the twenty minute wait in parking lot traffic, only to be redirected across the street, deflate my excitement bubble. Not even the thirty minute wait in line to purchase tickets was able to steal my joy. My curls were poppin’, I had my list and clipboard in hand, and my camera in tow. I’d reached the natural hair Mecca and I was on a mission to conquer my first coil show.

Once inside, I was pleasantly surprised that despite the crowd, walking around was a breeze. Yet, as I circled around to find out what vendors were actually there …

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Sassy Appétit: Best, 3-Step Guacamole for your cinco de mayo!

Sassy Appétit

My girl, Tammy makes the best guacamole I’ve ever had– hands down. Here is my version, with some added heat. Thanks Tam-Bam! ;)

I usually only make enough for me to eat in a 1-2 day span, otherwise I over do it, eat too much (it’s so good) and end up with a nice bellyache. So I would say this recipe serves 2. You can double or triple it accordingly.

What you’ll need:

2 ripe avocados

2 tablespoons of mild pickled banana peppers

½ fresh, seeded & diced jalapeno

1 tablespoon fresh cilantro (torn)

1 tablespoon diced red onions

3-4 diced cherry tomatoes

Salt & Pepper to taste

What to do:

After slicing and dicing your ingredients…

1. Cut the circumference of your avocados lengthwise all the way around. Pop the pit out, slice contents like a grid, then scoop out with a spoon into a bowl. This way it looks diced when it comes out making the chunks easier to mash.

2. Add next four ingredients (hold the tomatoes and seasoning). Mix and mash according to your desired texture to fuse the flavors.

3. Fold in tomatoes. Salt and pepper to taste and VOILA- you’ve just made magic! 

Enjoy with tortilla chips, pita chips, veggies chips, whatever your heart desires.

~Sassy Tea

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