How to Diet During the Holidays: Don't

Got #BodyGoals?

The holiday season is upon us, and every other day there seems to be another potential eating extravaganza lurking around the corner. And IDK about y'all, but the way MY diet is set up, I'm gonna eat.

However, the way my 2018 body goals are set up, I've got plans to live as strong and healthfully as possible. But one thing I don't believe in is depriving myself along the way. I believe in living the fullness of life, so there's no way that I'm going to deprive myself of the things that love, and I don't think you should have to either.

But hoooow can you have the best of both worlds, you ask? How can you slay your health goals, eat whatever and look like a living goddess? Well, the first thing I can tell you is that you have to shift your mindset and your way of thinking about your overall wellness. And that starts with believing that you deserve everything that you want-- whether that's a 6 pack or a snack. 

You have to believe that you have the intuition and inner wisdom to listen to your body, and know your limits when treating yourself. There's nothing inherently wrong with eating and loving delicious flavor combinations on your palette. Enjoying tf out of food is one of your reatest tools to help you eat more intuitively.

Get access to our private FB group and join us in January for the  FREE 7-Day reset .

Get access to our private FB group and join us in January for the FREE 7-Day reset.

When you really enjoy and appreciate food that is healthy for you, saying no and limiting your intake of other stuff becomes easier. Or, if you can't or don't want to say no outright, you can become strengthened in your resolve not to go overboard.

Trust me, I have many food vices and indulgences that I love. And I allow myself to have them. Just not everyday, or even every week. Do I beat myself up for loving pumpkin pie and alcoholic egg nog during the holidays? Hell no! But do I eat these things on the regular? That's also a no. If you're wanting to eat more mindfully this holiday season, go ahead and grab your FREE copy of my Holiday Eating Survival Guide to get more tips on anti-dieting. As a bonus, you'll get a reserved spot in my upcoming 7-Day Wellness Reset starting January 1, when you sign-up below.

A diet, after all, is just a fling. Let's go steady. 

What are your tried and true tips for eating mindfully and avoiding fad diets? Share in the comments or on @TheSassyNation IG .





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