Sassy Appétit: Best, 3-Step Guacamole for your cinco de mayo!

Sassy Appétit

My girl, Tammy makes the best guacamole I’ve ever had– hands down. Here is my version, with some added heat. Thanks Tam-Bam! ;)

I usually only make enough for me to eat in a 1-2 day span, otherwise I over do it, eat too much (it’s so good) and end up with a nice bellyache. So I would say this recipe serves 2. You can double or triple it accordingly.

What you’ll need:

2 ripe avocados

2 tablespoons of mild pickled banana peppers

½ fresh, seeded & diced jalapeno

1 tablespoon fresh cilantro (torn)

1 tablespoon diced red onions

3-4 diced cherry tomatoes

Salt & Pepper to taste

What to do:

After slicing and dicing your ingredients…

1. Cut the circumference of your avocados lengthwise all the way around. Pop the pit out, slice contents like a grid, then scoop out with a spoon into a bowl. This way it looks diced when it comes out making the chunks easier to mash.

2. Add next four ingredients (hold the tomatoes and seasoning). Mix and mash according to your desired texture to fuse the flavors.

3. Fold in tomatoes. Salt and pepper to taste and VOILA- you’ve just made magic! 

Enjoy with tortilla chips, pita chips, veggies chips, whatever your heart desires.

~Sassy Tea

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