Sassy Wellness: 31 Day Mind, Body & Spirit Reset


The year is coming to a close and for the past couple of weeks I've been thinking a lot about the things that I want to do better or more of in the New Year. Not really one for resolutions, I prefer to think of the start of the year as an opportunity to reset my life--mind, body and {creative} spirit and set some attainable goals.

Let's hit re-set together, click HERE now!

Let's hit re-set together, click HERE now!

I truly believe that in order to successfully accomplish our goals it's important to have a good foundation. And for me, that means moving forward with balance and purpose, hence the reason for this 31 Day Re-set. Because I think that too much change at once-- as with say, lofty resolutions, can be overwhelming. Instead, I approach the New Year as an opportunity to reflect on what is working in my life, and the habits or practices that have served me well the past year. I look for opportunities to add more of the rich things that I enjoy to my life rather than detoxing and completely cutting things out. I think that when we start out building on a foundation of things that we already do, our chances for successfully implementing improvements increases exponentially.



By filling my life with more of the good stuff, the less desired habits and such won't have space to co-exist. Many of the tips and resources that I plan to share are things that reflect The Sassy Nation's core values, and are things I already do or use (some more consistently than others, of course). However, these practices are ones that I definitely want to experience more of in the New Year to have the sassiest year ever!

I really hope that you'll join me. If you do, here's what you'll have to look forward to: 

1. I'll be doing a daily vlog that will stream live on Periscope: @TheSassyNation, so I hope that you will connect with me there. We can chat and share our wins face to face while I share the tip of the day, plus the resources that will help you reset and recharge your 2016. 



2. Also, each week I'll send out an email that'll outline the plan for the week, including some downloadable tools and To-dos that I'll be sharing exclusively with my email subscriber boos to help along the journey. If you want these extra goodies, and I think that you will,  you can sign up for FREE below. 

3. A whole new world of opportunity to get right for 2K16... with the whole squad of #Sassy supporters behind you. Together, we're going to ROCK this thang! 



Week 1:

Since health is a hot topic come Jan. 1, we'll be talking about ways that we can treat our BODY better, starting with the foods that we eat and our physical fitness habits.

Week 2:

Meditation: Because some questions can’t be answered by Google.
— Someone Smart & Sassy, Obvi.

Get ready to get lifted-- in SPIRIT, that is. This week we'll be talking about various forms of meditation, plus using mantras, affirmations and manifestation journals to help you get balanced from the inside out. Good stuff.

Week 3:

Looking for some mental stimulation? This week is all about places you can go to get your MIND right. We'll be sharing books, Youtube channels, magazines, journals, podcasts, documentaries, music and all things #Smart&Sassy.

Week 4:

Work is such and integral part of all of our lives. This week we'll discuss tips on how to not only bring more balance into your workspace, but also how to tap into the CREATIVE side of life.

Bonus: Days 29-31

We'll be reviewing what we learned, the things that we enjoyed exploring and what new tidbits we loved and plan to keep. It's time to get real about our goals, what we really hope to accomplish, and outlining how we plan to make them a reality. For some of us that will mean defining new routines for ourselves. So, if you're ready, just say YES and join the squad!

2K16, we're coming for you-- get ready!