Day 6: Green Smoothies & Juicing 101, For Beginners

Green Juice & Smoothies: The Secret Elixir for Better Skin

Smoothies versus juicing, which is better?

Well, that depends who who you ask.

Juice from a juicer is basically a concentrated smoothie, sans fiber.

Pros: Juice is super strength liquid goodness. You get all of the nutrients without the bulk of fiber. Although fiber is good for you, too much of anything is... well, you know the saying.

Cons: Juicers are typically a bit more pricy, and cleaning juicers can be a real chore. So, if you're short on time in the a.m., this might not be the ideal option for you. If you leave your machine unwashed for more than a hour or two, you can guarantee it's going to start to go rancid, and fast. Gag-- no bueno. Also, probably not the best way to treat a pricy investment that you might want to have for more than a month.

Alternately, you can juice the night before and sacrifice a few nutrients here and there. Juice is at it's peak freshness in the first 15-20 minutes after it's been extracted.

Green Juice & Smoothies: The Secret Elixir for Better Skin

Smoothies, my personal favorite go-to beverage at home, are also full of nutrients (to a lesser concentrated degree, albeit. but they're in there all the same). Plus, a smoothie gives the sensation of feeling fuller after having one. That's because of all the fiber content.

Pros: You can really bulk up your smoothies by adding ingredients like protein powders, yogurt, oats, flax or chia seeds, nut butters, etc. As long as your blender is powerful enough to blend everything adequately, you'll have quite a few options to mix in. 

Also, depending on whether you use frozen or chilled fruit, the texture can be dense and icy to thick and liquidy. Your choice. 

Cons: I really can't think of one, since smoothies are my fave. Sorry, guys, I'm biased. 

Nevertheless, green juice and smoothies both rock and are the perfect way to start your day with several servings of fruit and vegetables! That's all the tips for now. Tune in for today's broadcast on IG and FB Live! AND sign-up below to get a gift recipe(s) relating to today's topic.

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Day 5: How to Eat More Veggies {and Fruit} Morning, Noon & Night

Easy Hacks to Eat More Fruit and Veggies

Welcome to day FIVE, feel alive! That's our theme for today's blog post, these vegetables, this life! Look. Feel. Be alive! Especially when it comes to your vegetables. Don't let them overcook and die in your pan sad and limp. The only thing worse than a mushy, lifeless vegetable that's basically devoid of nutrients is that it's sitting up there on your plate wasting your time and money.

That's why today's tip of the day should actually be a national PSA:

Easy Hacks to Eat More Fruit and Veggies

And listen, if you're the type who doesn't like vegetables (or fruit for that matter) let me just say, first of all, it's not that I don't believe you, but I call BS. There is something, one, possibly two vegetables that you secretly love. Okay, maybe not love but you like them. And if you don't like-like them, you will at least deal with them if they happen to be on your plate. This much I know for sure. So, that's the second half of the PSA: Start with fruits and veggies that you already jam with and build your repertoire around that. 

Let me tell you something... broccoli, for the longest time was my Ji-zam! Broccoli with cheese, broccoli with garlic, broccoli salad, hot, cold, raw. It didn't matter. All broccoli errythang! Second to that, my other loves were spinach and different types of lettuce and field greens. Then the heavens smiled on my life the day I met some kale. Obligatory *body roll & wall slide*! Now don't get me wrong, I had zero qualms with other veggies like green beans, asparagus and collards. But in terms of weekly produce I typically stuck to my basics. So here are a few tips on how to (once you find your go-tos) incorporate them into your life, morning, noon and night.


Fruit is probably the easiest of the easy things to add to your diet, especially in the morning. Just add some berries, peaches or apples in your hot cereal or yogurt, on your pancakes, with your waffles and shazam, your morning just went from zero to 100. Shove some spinach in between that bagel with egg and cheese. Don't want to pay extra? Bring your own stashed in a snack baggie. Give it about a minute and it'll wilt from the heat just fine.


Easy Hacks to Eat More Fruit and Veggies

You probably don't want salad for lunch everyday, and we understand that. Although a hearty salad is the actual equivalent of all the veggies you need for one day (did ya know that?). Add some fruit to that and you'll really be in the mix. It's okay though, have your sandwich, have your pasta, it's cool. Toss a couple of veggies in there while you're at it. They count.  


Go heavy on the veggies at dinner and make them a priority when planning out your meals. At some point vegetables became a random afterthought on people's plates. We're not saying to forget about meat--instead, think about what veggies will enhance the flavor of your protein and bring a beautiful pop of color to your plate. And whatever you do, remember the tip of the day: crisp veggies cooked lightly are the way to slay.

There really isn't much work to be done to up your intake of the good stuff. The secret is that it's just a matter of keeping the the question "what fruit or vegetable can I add to what I'm about to order/eat?" at the forefront of your mind and choosing that option everyday.

Final thoughts and a little mind screw for the day... 

So, look at the pic. below. Here's a real deal snapshot of the recommended amount of fruit and vegetables that a person with an average caloric intake of 2000 should have. Now keep in mind each picture represents one day of all the fruit and vegetables that you need. One day. Now let that sink in. What you're looking at represents 9 days total, okay? Now be honest, based on this, how hard do really you think it would be to meet your daily allowance goals. Easy AF, right? Right. Let's do this.   


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Day Three: 3 Cardinal Rules to Help You Meal Plan and Win

3 Cardinal Rules to Help You Meal Plan & WIN!

Meal Planning Is Your Friend

Style (1).jpg

One thing is for certain, if you've recently ventured into doing high-impact workouts, which I know some of you have, be prepared for your appetite to increase. Like, voraciously. That was one teensy little tidbit that no one bothered to tell me when I was hittin' it hard at the gym all the time. I had just given up meat and began drinking a lot of protein shakes and Ensure to make sure that I wouldn't slim down too much due to the lack of meat in my diet. Plus, they really helped me cope with those pesky bouts of hunger when I couldn't get to a solid meal fast enough after working out. I can honestly say I've never quite known hunger as brutal as that post workout-I-feel-like-I'm-about-to-faint variety. That's why planning my meals each week became crucial to both having the stamina necessary to work out 4-5 times weekly, while managing my dietary shift into becoming a pescatarian.

Here are 3 cardinal rules I had to learn the hard way:

1.) Always have a post-workout snack on hand. Scratch that. Always have snacks, period. Stash them in the car, in your purse, in your locker, wherever you can. Healthy snacks on deck. Always. When that hunger hits you like a sucker-punch to the gut, you'll be glad for the extra 30 minutes or so a nutritional snack will buy you. 

2.) Don't get caught slipping and still have to go to the grocery store after working out. Especially, if you haven't had aforementioned snack, and definitely not with out a focused plan or a list. That's the surest way to buy up everything you don't need, and possibly make bad choices for a fast fix.

3.) The best case scenario is to PLAN YOUR MEALS in advance.

Hence, today's tip of the day is:  

As long as I played by these simple rules things worked out pretty well and I was thicker than a Snicker bar, lol. Which was exactly the results I was looking for. Even if you're not trying to bulk up, planning your meals is still critical to helping you stay on track with your goals, whatever they are. In my case, the problem with hunger was that it led to vulnerability. Hunger left me susceptible to reaching for stuff I'd told myself I wouldn't eat, out of convenience {and extreme desperation, quite frankly}. 

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Meal planning can be as simple as you make it. I typically decide before going to the grocery store on 3-4 meals that have similar ingredients, get a grocery list together and jot down quick notes to remind myself which day I'll cook what. This overview also helps to remind me of key ingredients. I like to let my taste buds decide what I'm in the mood for during the week, and sometimes I may even ask my family for their input if I can't decide. I usually cook every other day (I DEFINITELY believe in repurposing leftovers). After the shopping, I put the plan on the fridge. My fam. loves knowing what to expect to eat from day to day. It really cuts out the guess work.

SO, that's pretty much it... for now anyway. Meal planning, although different from meal-prepping (which is next level bawse), is key. Trust me. Watch the daily wellness chat, get your free Life Map, today's Meal Planner {plus other goodies this week} when you join the Wellness is the New Sassy private Facebook group. 

3 Cardinal Rules to Help You Meal Plan & WIN!



The year is coming to a close and for the past couple of weeks I've been thinking a lot about the things that I want to do better or more of in the New Year. Not really one for resolutions, I prefer to think of the start of the year as an opportunity to reset my life--mind, body and {creative} spirit and set some attainable goals.

Transformation doesn’t just happen. It takes a plan and a support system. That's why I created this program. If you're like me and want to live life more fully-- with better health, feeling spiritually aligned with your purpose, have a sharpened mental focus, and brewing with creativity, renewing your commitment to yourself during this reset can help make every year the best ever!

Let's hit reset together, click HERE now!

Let's hit reset together, click HERE now!

I truly believe that in order to successfully accomplish our goals it's important to have a good foundation. And for me, that means moving forward with balance and purpose, hence the reason for this reset. Too much change at once-- as with say, lofty resolutions, can be overwhelming. Instead, approach the New Year as an opportunity to reflect on what is working in your life, and the habits or practices that have served you well in the past. Look for opportunities to add more of the rich things that you enjoy to your life rather than detoxing and completely cutting things out forever. When we start out building on a foundation of things that we already do, our chances for successfully implementing improvements increases exponentially.

By filling your life with more of the good stuff, the less desired habits and such won't have space to co-exist. Many of the tips and resources that you will learn are things that reflect The Sassy Nation's core values, and are resources you can use to power your personal transformation and create lasting lifestyle changes.

I really hope that you'll join me on this total wellness journey. If you do, here's what you'll have to look forward to: 

1. I'll be doing a daily Facebook and IG Live (which you can access in the archives). Plus, be sure to check your email after signing up for your link to our private FB group. That's where we'll be broadcasting from daily so we can chat and share our wins face to face while I share daily actionable tips; plus, identify resources that will help you reset and super-charge your 2018. 

2. Also, each week I'll send out an email that'll outline the plan for the week, including your downloadable tools, and other goodies that I'll be sharing exclusively with my masterclass attendees: Including the 31 Days of Wellness Journal with daily to-dos and affirmations to support your journey.

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3. A whole new world of opportunity to get right for 2K18... with the whole squad of #Sassy supporters behind you. Together, we're gonna to ROCK this thang! 

Week 1:

Since health is a hot topic come Jan. 1, we'll be talking about ways that we can treat our BODY better, starting with the foods that we eat and our physical fitness habits.

Week 2: 

Meditation: Because some questions can’t be answered by Google.
— Someone Smart & Sassy, Obvi.

Getting down to business with Masterclass attendees... 

Get ready to get lifted-- in SPIRIT, that is. This week we'll be talking about various forms of meditation, plus using mantras, affirmations and manifestation journals to help you get balanced from the inside out. Good stuff.

Week 3:

Looking for some mental stimulation? This week is all about places you can go to get your MIND right. We'll be sharing resources to help you find FREE books, podcasts, documentaries, music, dope magazines, newsletters and all things #Smart&Sassy.

Week 4:

Work is such and integral part of all of our lives. This week we'll discuss how to not only bring more balance into your workspace, but also how to tap into the CREATIVE side of life so you can spark up connections and ignite your passions outside of work.

Bonus: Days 29-31

We'll be reviewing what we learned, taking inventory of the things we enjoyed exploring and what new tools we loved and plan to keep. It's time to get real about our goals, what we really hope to accomplish, and re-defining our life map to reflect a solid plan to create lasting change a reality. Learn and cultivate the power of morning and nightly rituals that will set you up for long-term success. So, if you're ready to seal the deal on your new life, just say YES and join the squad!

2K18, we're coming for you-- get ready!

Life Map_SassyWellness2K18.png

Live mindfully...

Tap into a balanced, healthier and happier you.


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Day 8: Calm Your Spirit Using Everyday Mindfulness

Sassy Little Things (3).jpg

Namaste, beautiful people! Welcome to Week 2, day 8 of the 31 Day Mind, Body, Spirit Re-set. If you've been jamming with us since day one, congrats! If you're just joining... we're glad to have you! Please make sure you're signed up to receive the extra goodies that we have exclusively for subscribers here. This week we have a meditation calendar to help guide you through the exercises and concepts, so be sure to get yours! It's absolutely FREE! 

Here's a quick overview of a few things that you can do to create an atmosphere that's conducive creating a flow of good energy day to day. ALSO, keep in mind that with a regular meditation practice, you will find that the generation of light, positive energy will come quite naturally as a result of your inner work. In fact, don't be surprised if perfect strangers start to tell you that you seem to have a glow about you. Meditation tends to have that effect. And who doesn't want a shine that is evident from the inside out? Your natural spirit self is radiant. Let it show!

Set daily intentions

Setting a daily intention can be as easy as when you open your eyes in the morning have a positive conversation with yourself: by saying things like, "I'm going to have a good day," or "I am going to be productive today." Whatever it is that you need, create the intention before you even get out of the bed.

Practice feeling good

You know the saying, "Follow your bliss?" That's exactly what you should do from day to day by choosing to follow thoughts, actions and feelings that feel good. This concept can take some practice, but it's exceptionally helpful whenever you find yourself in a tight spot or just dealing with a difficult or stressful situation to breathe and ask yourself, 'What's the path of least resistance in this moment'? and go that direction. Decide what's the easiest thing for you to do with your words and actions in whatever situation that you find yourself in that is positive, productive and anti-dramatic. You may not be the source of drama or able to control it, but you can control how you react. Choose what feels good, true and right for you. Even if that means walking away (even temporarily) from situations (and crazy-making people) that don't align with your bliss (more on this in a later broadcast).

Tune in to positivity

Try to limit your time watching regular TV as much as possible this week. Maybe allow yourself the luxury of 1 hour per day.

Fill your extra time with content that feeds your spirit instead. Consume whatever inspirational talks, sermons, music, guided meditations, inspirational audio books, or feel good comedies (it's good to laugh) that you can get your hands on to cultivate an abundance of good energy from day to day. 

Close the day mindfully and with gratitude

Each night before you drift off to sleep think about all of the good things that happened during the day: Did the sun come out? Be thankful. Was a stranger kind to you? Send them appreciative thoughts in your mind. Notice when you felt good during the day, what was the cause, and reflect on it.

Soon you'll find that with a little dose of mindfulness everyday, you'll better be able to notice how you feel, choose your thoughts, and move through your day more joyfully. This is the foundation of what I like to call daily mindful, meditative (thoughtful) behavior in action. You will find that answers that you seek in life will come to you easily when you are in a good head and heart space to receive them. Go forth, be and spread light!


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