Sassy Style Files: Summer Solstice


Summer Solstice just arrived! I know I, for one, will be spending mucho time at the pool (working of course!). Here is one of my fave bathing suits styled two different ways for those days when there are still errands to run.  Unless you live someplace where there’s sand and an ocean nearby (I know I don’t), strangers might be giving some serious side-eye for coming into the store with just a sarong and bikini top on. So here is my solution and attempt at dresscode formality in the face of extreme summer sizzling temps. Y’all will deal!! Lol.

Hope you enjoyed the first day of summer as much as I did. To shop the looks that you see here check out The Sassy Nation Shoppe (affiliate link) for more poolside fashion + my favorite summer skincare essentials. ‘Til next time…  

Vintage Sexy: Designs through the Decades

In honor of Valentine’s Day and pretty little things in general, we took to Etsy and selected a few gorgeous vintage lingerie pieces that’ll make your little romantic heart pitter-patter. It definitely does not have to be a special occasion to wear something sexy to bed. In fact, donning a cute nightie anytime is a good time to increase your bedtime mojo. Here is a breakdown of our favorite designs by the decade:

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