Sassy Style Files: Summer Solstice


Summer Solstice just arrived! I know I, for one, will be spending mucho time at the pool (working of course!). Here is one of my fave bathing suits styled two different ways for those days when there are still errands to run.  Unless you live someplace where there’s sand and an ocean nearby (I know I don’t), strangers might be giving some serious side-eye for coming into the store with just a sarong and bikini top on. So here is my solution and attempt at dresscode formality in the face of extreme summer sizzling temps. Y’all will deal!! Lol.

Hope you enjoyed the first day of summer as much as I did. To shop the looks that you see here check out The Sassy Nation Shoppe (affiliate link) for more poolside fashion + my favorite summer skincare essentials. ‘Til next time…  

Lemony Turmeric Iced Yerba Mate


It’s National Iced Tea Day and this ain't your granny’s sweet tea! Chill out this summer with tall glass of Lemony Turmeric Iced Yerba Maté.

Turmeric, the bright yellow spice, has long been used as a powerful Eastern medicinal herb. It’s known to have excellent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. 

Amongst many other things, it can help with:

Weight management


Cholesterol reduction

Immunity support

As if that weren’t enough, drinking Yerba Maté will not only help keep you alert with its high biocaffeine (that means natural) content, but it’s give green tea a run for the money when comes to nutritional properties. It’s what I drink daily. 

Benefits include:

Enhanced ability to focus

Supports cardiovascular health

Weight control

Enhanced physical endurance

Boosts immunity

Detoxifies blood

High anti-aging antioxidants 

Give this sweet alternative a try!



What you’ll need:

12 ozs. Hot water

2 Tbsp. Loose Yerba Mate

½ Tsp. Turmeric

¼ Slice of Lemon

Honey to Desired Sweetness

What you’ll do:

1. Boil water

2. Add  yerba mate to a french press (or other tea strainer)

3. Stir in Turmeric and honey. Let tea seep as long as desired

4. Press/Strain tea and pour over ice.

5. Squeeze and add lemon

Enjoy! Makes 2 servings


Get Right For The Summertime and Show Your Feet Some Love

Before You Put on Another Sandal …

You Must Try Baby Foot


Summertime is upon us and that means it’s time for bare feet, and pedicures– oh, and sandals– you know if you’re into that sort of thing. Personally, I prefer to be barefoot as much as possible during the summer. This is why Baby Foot (my affiliate link) is quite possibly the best thing that could’ve happened to my feet.

It’s literally magic in two plastic booties. Although it takes about 5-10 days to really see progress. And by progress, I mean skin that peels like an anaconda. It’s literally a glycolic peel for your feet. Genius!

The process was really quite simple. First you soak your feet in warm water


Next, put on and secure the plastic booties that come in the kit. Get comfy with some wine and Netflix and rest your heels for about an hour. Not too much wine though, or you’ll fall asleep on the couch like I did for two solid hours (YIKES), and wake up terrified that your feet have melted off.


Finally, head back to the tub to completely rinse off the product (I used a mild soap after rinsing), and wait for the magic to happen. In my case that meant going to bed. Yay for sleep!

And then you wait. And you wait. And days later you start to wonder WTH is happening and say to your feet, skin, why you no peel?

I was so anxious the first few days; I couldn’t figure why it seemed to be taking so long for the shedding to start. I realized, you have to give the new skin time to regenerate below the surface of the old. And boy oh boy, once it started, my skin was flaking off day and night. Of course, I helped the process along, picking at and peeling off skin at every available opportunity. 

{Warning: not cute, but oddly fascinating picture below}


Much to my amusement, it was an Elmer’s glue lover’s childhood dream (yet way cooler– flicking and leaving evidence of my DNA everywhere). Also, the box doesn’t mention this, but it was suggested to me to soak my feet nightly once the peeling commenced to help loosen the skin. I found myself looking forward to my nightly ritual of showering, grabbing a glass of vino, then soaking and peeling skin in my tub. However, towards the end of the process the peeling on the tops of my feet seemed to take forever to come off.

It didn’t help that my nails are pretty long so I couldn’t really get a grip on the thinner, top flaking skin, which of course annoyed me. Not to be deterred, every evening I went after the rogue skin with a washcloth. I didn’t want to use anything too abrasive that might’ve damaged the precious new skin underneath (which, no lie, was actually turning out to be baby soft). That worked okay. In the end I finally pretty much gave up and let nature do it’s thing. I let the rest slough off naturally. Also, you’re not supposed to use lotion during the process. That allegedly delays the regeneration process. This was a point that I had serious concerns about. Ashy and peeling feet was not something I was looking forward to. Luckily, my concerns were unfounded. There wasn’t a patch of ash in sight the whole time. In fact, my feet haven’t been very ashy ever since. Of course I’ve resumed moisturizing them. And they’re still pretty darn soft like a baby.

In all, I’d say it took a full two weeks for all of the dead skin to go away. That includes the 4-5 day incubation period before the shedding actually started.


Overall, I enjoyed the after effect of using Baby Foot (which they have NOT paid me to say– I purchased and used the product on my own and you can too with my link here). However, I’m not a very patient person, so waiting it out for two weeks– especially right around Memorial Day– was probably not ideal. I would definitely use this product again, maybe once per season. Until then, I’ll be frolicking around in the grass with my flower crown and spreading the good word to those I think need it most. I know some guys who could DEFINITELY benefit from some baby love on those toes.

Leave a comment below. Have you or would you try a peel for your feet or some other exotic treatment like a fish pedicure?

Sharing is caring… tell a friend, tell your man. Let’s have baby soft feet together.