The Simple Hack to Convert Your PDF Downloads and eBooks to your Kindle eReader

Today's blog post is inspired by our Summertime Self-Care Calendar. Reading is a great escape and wonderful way explore new worlds when you need a break or simply want to fill the downtime. I've included a video + 2 ways you can add your personal PDFs and ebooks to your Kindle E-reader. Also, if you're looking for some new titles to download, OceanPDF is a great source for free books in PDF form... check it!

So, you’ve got a PDF download from every cool blogger you know (myself included). But it’s not doing you any good just sitting idle, not being read. Since getting my new Kindle White, I’ve discovered a cool, quick hack that lets you save your personal PDFs and other e-books you might have that you surely intended to read when you downloaded it.

1. Open and hover over accounts & lists
2. Select Your Content and Devices
3. Click on the settings tab
4. Scroll down to Personal Document Settings
5. Click Add a new approved e-mail address
6. Enter your personal email address
7. Make note of your Send-to-Kindle E-Mail Settings for your Kindle account (
8. Open a new tab for your email provider (Gmail, for example)
9. Compose a new message
10. Type your Kindle email address in the TO: field, ‘cause you’re sending this doc. to yourself (
11. In the Subject field, type Convert. (Very Important!!!)
12. Click attachment and upload the PDF you want to sync to your Kindle
13. Hit Send
14. Open your Kindle, and SHAZAM! Your new PDF is on your device

Another easy, alternate way to move those files is to use your Kindle like you would an external hard drive.

1. Plug it into your USB port using the included Kindle cord.
2. Once mounted, open the device like you would with any other external device. 
3. Open a new finder window to locate your file.
4. Drag your file from the finder window to your Kindle, and that's it. When you open Kindle, it should appear the same as any other converted files. 

Though this second method is much more simple than the first, I think the downside is that the file is not synced to the cloud anywhere and you would not be able to read it on your other Kindle apps, like on your phone, for example.

Either way, you get to take your reading material with you on the go. My fave place to post up and read is anywhere I can fit it in-- preferable at the pool or on a beach.

Want more summertime self-care tips? Download and print your calendar here today. It’s a FREE love gift to you from me!

Where is your favorite place to read when you're not busy? Want more time to enjoy more of life's simple pleasures?  Leave me a comment or hmu here and let's talk about how you can design and live a life that you love-- not just in the summer, but all year round.

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