4 Beautiful, Bright Lip Colors Worth Obsessing Over This Spring

Springtime is on her way and I'm totally in love with the new(ish?) line of Vivid Matte Liquid color from Maybelline. While lip gloss has long been my first love, bright, saturated lip colors and stains and I have become fast friends. I think that's why I'm incredibly partial to this line... it goes on shiny like a gloss, gets satiny, then after some wear mattifies like a true stain. What I appreciate the most is that it doesn't seem to dry out the lips during and after wear like some mattes seem to do.   

I'd already been using and loving one of the colors from the fall/winter collection that you can check out here. However, when I caught a glimpse of these brights, I couldn't resist them. All of them. I'd been looking for replacements for my previous go-to drugstore faves from the Wet N Wild Fergie collection. And these babies, I'm convinced, are it. I'm sure there are a few more colors out there for me, but these four were the only ones in stock, so I grabbed them up immediately.      

This first color is Pink Charge, which I was slightly concerned would look a little too pale for my taste without the use of a lip pencil. However, it's the most neutral of the four I have, and it was the one I popped open immediately after leaving the store. I'm pretty sure this will be one of my go-to colors when I want to keep a low profile. I didn't use a pencil in any of the swatch photos here to show the true color-- but in the future I'll probably pair this particular one with a brown pencil.

A few notches up the color scale is Electric Pink. For some reason a smokey eye is calling out to me with this lip color. Although I seldom have an occasion for a smouldering look these days, I'm almost always in the mood for color, highlighter or bronzer and mascara. This is actually one of my signature looks when I want to appear like I put some effort into my look for the day. I don't know about anyone else, but there's something about winged eyeliner (especially when I get it right in less than 3 tries) that makes me feel like I've really got my shit together. Today took multiple tries, however, lol. I really wanted to be cute for y'all today.

2016-02-20 21.58.06.jpg

Color #3 is Fuschia Ecstacy. I think this might've been my favorite of all the colors. I actually thought it read a bit more on the red side off camera, but after looking at the pictures I thought maybe it's just my imagination. Either way, I'll definitely be rocking this color, hardcore and with regularity.  

Last but not least is Orange Shot. I was excited about the potential of this color because it looked more orange-y in the bottle, but it looked more brick red. Now, I'm always here for a good red, especially after that Nars teaser that Sephora gave away for everyone's b-day last year. But I honestly have to be in the mood for red. Today was not really a red day for me, per say, but I went with it. After swiping off the other colors for demonstration purposes, it felt wasteful to do the same to this one just because I wanted to go back to the fuschia.

Nevertheless, I got quite a few compliments in the market today. I actually put on my red specs before leaving out, and in comparison, the color definitely looked more on the orange side. So there's that. In all, I'm very happy with my new colors, and will be on the lookout for any of the others I might be missing from the collection. 

So what new hues are you obsessing over? Drop me a comment below or on social... see ya around!!!